Elderly care is meeting the specific needs and requirements which are unique to senior citizens. Elder people’s concern is a big factor to discuss and take actions to help those people who suffer due to unavailability of resources.

Elderly Care is a broad term that covers programs such as assisted living, adult day care, long-term care, nursing homes (often called home care) and hospital care.

Elderly Care is important because according to a recent study conducted by Agewell foundation has predicted that about 65 percent of old people are with no source of income. In India, the population of old people is 100 million and is predicted to be 324 million by 2050.

Parents are among the most key people in the lives of young children. At every step, they help their children to become stronger and try to fulfill all the necessities and requirements of their children.

But now-a-days scenario has changed and we see most of the old home age has been created and many people are residing in that and the sad reality is that their children have made them to live in those homes.

To overcome or to make some contribution to the society, various eldercare initiatives have been set up among which Tresna Care is taking measures in order to help the elders in this pandemic situation to help them at their homes by providing the home attendants services.

Professional health care for the elders can be really handy to the children who want to take care of their elders and that are what Tresna Care is focusing on to give quality Service in terms of helping these children to help their elders ( Parents ).

Garvit Arora

Uttar Pradesh

Lovely Professional University



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